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Ministry of Health reduces quarantine period for fully vaccinated

The Ministry of Health has decided to shorten the Covid-19 isolation and quarantine period for fully vaccinated individuals who test positive for the virus starting Monday.

Georgian Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia said that standard international recommendations argue for a reduced period of time in isolation and quarantine for this group of individuals.

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The terms for infected vaccinated individuals with mild or asymptomatic cases will be eight days. Individuals must also have been fever-free for 24 hours and have reduced symptoms as well.

After isolation, it is strongly recommended individuals wear a mask for the next five days.

Fully vaccinated individuals and individuals who have only received the first dose of a vaccine who are exposed to Covid-19 will be exempt from quarantine starting two weeks after their last dose and for the next 90 days.

The unvaccinated are still recommended to stay in quarantine for eight days after coming into contact with someone with the virus and to use a mask for a period of nine-12 days.

These changes will take effect on Monday, Gabunia said.

Other countries which have shifted to a similar model include Australia, which has mandated a seven-day isolation period for infected individuals who are fully vaccinated, while the United Kingdom allows individuals in this group to leave isolation after seven days with a negative test result.


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