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National Geographic names ski-touring UNESCO sites in Georgia among 20 great adventures for 2024

National Geographic named a ski tour UNESCO sites in Georgia among 20 great adventures for 2024 in an annual Best of the World feature, which lists “the streets of Paris, the snowy mountains of the Caucasus in Georgia, the ancient rock art of Algeria” among top destinations.

Among the famous tourist destinations, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Chile, Scotland and Australia, Georgia has been ranked third in the list by the experts of the global community of National Geographic, the Georgian National Tourism Administration said on Wednesday.

Skiing is still a way of life in the mountainous republic of Georgia. Now visitors can enjoy some of the nation’s best backcountry skiing in the Caucasus [...], in Svaneti, excursions may lead skiers through panoramic Gvibari Pass or to mediaeval Ushguli villages, among the highest continuously inhabited in Europe”, the article said.

In the article, National Geographic recommends tourists to visit Georgia between December to April to experience ski tours in the country, while featuring a video of a skier descending a peak above Ushguli, a UNESCO-listed community of villages nestled in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia.


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