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What are the new governmental regulations for the gambling business?

About one million Georgian citizens will be banned from online gambling and will not be allowed in brick and mortar casinos, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated earlier today.

According to the amendments proposed by the country’s Finance Ministry, the lower age limit for gamblers is increasing to 25 years of age.

  • Gov’t plans to impose restrictions for online gambling, increase fees

Georgian citizens receiving state social assistance, public servants and individuals on black lists (according to the court decision, based on the request of their families) will be prohibited from gambling (both online and in brick and mortar casinos).

The restriction will concern about one million Georgian citizens,” Garibashvili siad.

The government says that online gambling businesses will see a 65-70% increase in taxes which will ensure they contribute the same amount of money to the state budget as earlier.

Garibashvili said earlier that about 1.5 billion GEL flew out of the country annually due to online casinos. Photo: government of Georgia press office.

Gambling ads on TV, on Georgian webpages, as well as outdoors will be banned. Only sponsorship agreements will be allowed.

The government has plans to offer stricter regulations for registration of online gamblers, as well as depositing money on their accounts.

Financial operations will be made only for registered users, while money transfers between gamblers will be restricted.

Restrictions will be imposed on Georgian gamblers who will decide to play in foreign online casinos.

Tax providers will be obliged not to make transfers to foreign gambling business accounts.

The Ministry of Finance has already drafted the bill which will be present in parliament in the near future.

The regulations concern only Georgian citizens.


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