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Turkey, Russia, China Georgia's top trading partners in Jan.-Sept. 2021

Turkey ($1.48 billion), Russia ($1.14 billion) and China ($1.07 billion) are Georgia's top trading partners in total external trade turnover in January-September 2021, show preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia.

In the reporting period Georgia's top trading partners by exports were China ($478.3 million), Russia ($426.2 million) and Azerbaijan ($400.2 million), while top trading partners by imports were Turkey ($1.24 billion), Russia ($718.8 million) and China ($599.9 million).

The top three export items were the following:

  • Copper ores and concentrates - $571.7 million, 19.2% of total exports

  • Motor cars - $338.2 million, 11.3% of total exports

  • Ferro-alloys totalled - $316.5 million, 10.6% of total exports

The top import commodities were as follows:

  • Motor cars - $632.5 million, 9% of total imports

  • Petroleum and petroleum oils - $576.3 million, 8.2% of total imports

  • Copper ores and concentrates - $530.2 million, 7.5% of total imports

Georgia’s external trade turnover amounted to $10 billion in January-September 2021, which is 22.3% higher compared to the same period of the last year.

The value of exports increased 24% and totalled $2.98 billion, while imports also increased 21.6%, amounting to $7.02 billion.


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