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Snowstorm will continue in Batumi until the end of the week

According to the Adjara Regional Hydrometeorological Observatory, variable cloudiness is expected in Adjara from January 17 at 21:00 to 18 January at 21:00, mostly without precipitation.

The wind of variable direction blows for 10-15 meters per second.

Today and tomorrow the air temperature in the coastal areas will be:

During the day: 3 - 8 degrees heat

Night: 3 degrees Frost - 2 degrees Celsius

Inland areas:

During the day - 0 - 5 degrees heat

Freezing at 0 - 5 degrees at night

Expected in high mountains:

During the day: 0 - 3 degrees

Night: 0 - 5 degrees frost

For the next 2 days, on January 19-20, precipitation is expected in Batumi, in the form of snow and sleet, and it is snowing again in the mountains of Adjara.

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