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Schoolchildren to be obliged to wear masks in schools

"All regulations and medical protocols will be strictly observed in schools - all students will need to wear a mask," Education Minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli said after a meeting of the Interagency Coordinating Council.

He said universities and colleges will have the opportunity to choose whether to continue their studies online or in classrooms.

"On October 4, the work of kindergartens will be fully resumed. This of course applies to both public and private kindergartens.

In public and private schools, education will continue in classrooms from October 4.

As for vocational colleges and universities across the country, they are allowed to continue the learning process in auditoriums or online. Decisions will be made by colleges and universities within their own authority, of course in agreement with the Ministry.

Health care recommendations and medical protocols will be strictly observed and the novelty is that all students in schools will need to wear masks. We have to maintain this great achievement and it is necessary to intensively continue the vaccination process for this," Chkhenkeli said.

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