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Range Rover created one of the most expensive colors of the new model inspired by Batumi

The Georgian seaside town has become a source of inspiration for the British auto giant. Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a new model of the most demanded Range Rover in the world, one of the most expensive colors of which the designers called Batumi Gold.

It seems that the creative team of Range Rover was fascinated by the impressive views of Batumi and the sunset. The new color of the car is associated with the sun coming into the sea.

However, the beauty of the Georgian seaside town was not the only reason why the country attracted the attention of the British auto giant. The successful work of Jaguar Land Rover Georgia's office also played an important role. The office has been a leader in the region for the past two years and is among the top five countries. Success in terms of customer service is also remarkable. In this regard, the Georgian office of Jaguar Land Rover is in the top three in the region. With all this in mind, the name of Batumi was announced at one of the most important events in the world and the city was once again marked on the world map.

Range Rover Batumi Gold is one of the most expensive compared to other colors. The basic classic features of the updated model are retained. Therefore, any person will understand at a glance that they are watching a Range Rover. However, the design is modernized and the style is more sophisticated and minimalist. Motorists say that throughout the history of the Range Rover, the updated model is the most comfortable and luxurious SUV.

The car is equipped with the latest technologies and the operating system performs virtually the same functions as any good smartphone. It is noteworthy that 125 new patents were created specifically for the technical equipment of this model. For example, in Range Rover you will find a Wireless charger for a smartphone with a signal booster installed. Unique systems of ideal air purification and sound insulation make the new Range Rover even more desirable.

In terms of technical details - compared to previous models, the new Range Rover is 12% more aerodynamic, 24% less noisy and 50% more durable. The innovation is also that when turning the steering wheel, all four eyes of the car move. Consequently, the new Range Rover maneuvers easily in the city, parking lots and even on narrow roads.

The new model of Range Rover will be available in Georgia from the spring of 2022.

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