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Palm-shaped artificial island planned for Black Sea Batumi resort

An artificial island in the shape of a palm tree is planned to be built in Georgia's Black Sea resort town of Batumi in which 'several hundred million dollars will be invested', head of the government of Adjara Tornike Rizhvadze told local Imedi TV.

We will be able to create a new tourist location on the sea and this of course will create new economic opportunities and jobs... we have already agreed with an investment group... This year we will start in-depth research. We will invite international architects, designers, constructors and as soon as the economic viability is approved, the construction will start", Rizhvadze said.

Jaba Surmanidze from the government of Adjara published several photos of the future artificial island in Batumi on his Facebook page yesterday, which shows that the island will be built in Tamari settlement.


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