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NCDC proposes COVID-19 ‘green passports’ package to coordination council

Georgian National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has proposed COVID-19 ‘green passports’ package to the coordination council, the head of the body, Amiran Gamkrelidze, announced earlier today.

  • Head of NCDC: ‘new Delta Plus variant has not yet been confirmed in Georgia’

COVID-19 ‘green passports’ will contain information on the vaccination status of an individual, PCR test results, and confirmation of recovery from COVID-19, if such exists.

Gamkrelidze stated that the inter-agency coordination council will review the package along with the Health Ministry.

  • Health minister: no basis for mandatory vaccination at this stage

He noted that the discussion mostly focuses on what the framework of the ‘green passports’ should be in Georgia.

We will need to introduce indirect mandatory mechanisms such as where to work if not fully vaccinated and negative PCR test results in the last 72 hours...If these are not stated in the e-card or on paper, there may be some restrictions,” Gamkrelidze said.

Gamkrelidze also stated that he ‘as a doctor’ supports mandatory vaccination, but noted, however, that the decision should be ‘agreed upon through deliberation and consensus.’

  • 1,200 Georgians vaccinated during ‘vaccination marathons’

Georgian Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze says that there is no basis for mandatory vaccination at this stage in Georgia, noting that it is necessary to refrain from any coercive measures as much as possible.

A total of 928,081 people are fully vaccinated in Georgia, totalling 32.5% of the country’s population; while only 4,927 received a COVID-19 vaccine dose yesterday.


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