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March inflation: prices of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, clothing, footwear up in Georgia

The prices of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, clothing and footwear increased month-on-month in Georgia, while prices of furnishings, household equipment and transport maintenance decreased, the latest inflation data published by the National Statistics Office of Georgia on Monday showed.

Prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco marked a 1.1 percent increase, while for clothing and footwear it showed a 1.6 percent increase.

Prices were higher for both footwear (3.6 percent) and clothing (1.1 percent), the Office said.

The figures also increased by 1.5 percent for household textiles, however, in the same group, they decreased for household appliances (-1.8%), furniture and furnishings, carpets and other floor coverings (-1.5%) and goods and services for routine household maintenance (-1.5%).

Overall, in the group of furnishings, household equipment and maintenance prices decreased by 1.3 percent.

In the group of transport, prices decreased by 2.3 percent, showing a specific reduction in operation of personal transport equipment (-3.5 percent).

The consumer price index decreased by 0.2 percent compared to the previous month, while the annual inflation rate amounted to 5.3 percent.

With regard to the annual core inflation, prices increased by five percent, while the annual core inflation without tobacco also amounted to five percent", the statistics body said.

In annual inflation, prices increased in the group of food and non-alcoholic beverages (+11.8 percent), housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (+11.1 percent), and decreased for transport (-8 percent) and health (-9 percent).


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