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January 2022: money transfers to Georgia up 12.7%

Remittances to Georgia from abroad hit $168.8 million in January 2022, a 12.7 percent increase on the corresponding figure from January 2021, the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) announced on Tuesday.

The largest remittance senders were in Italy ($33.33 million), Russia ($22.38 million) and the United States ($20.30 million), the data also showed.

Overall, a vast majority - 94.6 percent - of all money transfers came from 20 countries, with the volume of transfers from these states each exceeding $1 million in January.

In January 2021 the share of these 20 countries constituted 95.1 percent of the total volume of money transfers,” the NBG said.

During the month, $23.3 million was transferred abroad, which is 35.3 percent more compared to $17.2 million in January 2021.


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