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Hundreds of hotels offer free accommodation to Ukrainian visitors stranded in Georgia

Hundreds of Georgian-based hotels have offered free accommodation to Ukrainian visitors who are stranded in Georgia due to the outbreak of hostilities in their country this week, the Ministry of Economy said on Friday.

Deputy Economy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili noted up to 100 Ukrainian citizens had been provided with humanitarian assistance since Russia’s invasion of the country on Thursday.

  • Georgians offer assistance to Ukrainians unable to return to country due to conflict

The Georgian National Tourism Administration has also designated a hotline number - reachable through 0 800 800 909 - for visitors from Ukraine in need of assistance.

In addition to the hospitality industry, free accommodation offers have been made through the Facebook groups Glory to Ukraine – Support from Georgia, as well as the page for the tourist campaign Spend 4 Seasons in Georgia.

Georgian citizens have also offered free transportation throughout Georgia to Ukrainian visitors stranded in the country.


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