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Highway renovation in central Georgia’s Borjomi municipality underway

Renovation of a two-kilometre section of the Tsagveri-Timotesubani-Tadzari highway in central Georgia’s Borjomi Municipality is “actively underway", the Roads Department of Georgia announced on Friday.

Located in the country’s south-central Tsagveri resort, the renovation works include rehabilitation of the road surface, repair of cuvettes, widening of the carriageway of the road and arrangement of connections with local roads and entrances to the yard of the local residents.

The department noted a ₾1.8 million ($664,242) project would ensure a “comfortable travel” from the resort of Tsagveri to the village of Timotesubani, improving the living conditions of the local population.

The renovation project is financed from the state budget and is set to be completed in September this year.


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