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Georgia’s Black Sea city of Batumi fifth among European Best Destinations’ places to visit

European Best Destinations, a travel platform developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe, has named Georgia's Black Sea city of Batumi fifth among its best places to travel, the regional Adjara Tourism Department said on Tuesday.

The outlet listed 20 select locations in the list, with Batumi mentioned alongside cities like Marbella, Riga, Monaco, Malta, Geneva, London, Florence and Siena in the selection.

“Due to its all-year-round subtropical and mild climate, Batumi is distinguished by its remarkably green natural environment. Batumi has a 19th-century Botanical Garden rich in rare species and the city is surrounded by three National Parks recently recognized by UNESCO as World’s Natural Heritage sites”, the article said.

The Department said more than a million travellers worldwide had participated in the survey for selecting trending destinations, and noted the article focused on Batumi as the winner of many awards and an “outstanding safe tourist destination” in Europe.


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