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Find around of 2 tons of rotten meat ready for sale in Batumi.

Found in one of the warehouses in Batumi - a spoiled product up to one ton was found by the quality control in the warehouse next to the meat shop on Kutaisi Street.

According to the "Courier", this store was supplied from the warehouse, but the employees categorically deny it.

The meat products in the store have a standard mark and relevant documentation, but as the "Courier" found out, they processed spoiled meat and used it in semi-finished products.

The meat warehouse was fined and sealed by the National Food Agency for critical non-compliance.

Mistakes related to the sale of meat products are frequent in the territory of Adjara. About a month ago, 2 tons of horse meat prepared for sale were found in food outlets.

Specialists urge consumers to check the quality mark before purchasing meat products.

Source: Rustavi 2

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