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Euronews promotes Georgia’s Black Sea Adjara region

An advertising campaign to promote Georgia's Black Sea city of Batumi as a secure and diverse travel destination is being broadcast by Euronews, a network operating in 160 countries in 17 different languages for over 400 million viewers.

The regional Adjara Tourism Department on Tuesday said the promotional videos were broadcast on the network to “millions of viewers” in “various parts of the world”, with the stories highlighting the tourist potential of the city and the wider region.

The Department said it also intended to promote the region's tourism products in other foreign media outlets, noting the locality was being “actively promoted” in “traditional target countries” and in the “newly added” European markets.

It also said tourism organisations, journalists and bloggers from Europe and Asia had been hosted in Adjara in the body’s promotional tours, with 500 professionals hosted throughout 2022.


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