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Economy Minister: 'Over 1,300 new businesses to be financed within Produce in Georgia'

In order to develop local production, increase exports and gradually replace imports the government of Georgia has decided to finance over 1,300 new businesses within the state programme Produce in Georgia over the next two to three years, announces Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava.

While in recent years the programme Produce in Georgia has funded hundreds of new productions and spent up to a billion GEL, we have an even more ambitious plan to repeat and exceed this success in the next two or three years and finance at least 1,300 new productions and mobilise 2.5 billion GEL investment, which is a very ambitious but executable plan", said Turnava.

Turnava made this announcement today at the opening of a new factory of YTONG in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi. YTONG is a German brand that manufactures aerated concrete blocks. The factory opened in Tbilisi within the Produce in Georgia programme

55 million GEL was invested in the project and about 200 people are employed at the factory", said Turnava.

The Produce in Georgia state programme was launched in 2014.


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