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December 2021: money transfers to Georgia up 14.9%

Georgia has received 229.5 million USD from abroad in December 2021, which is 14.9% more than the amount received in December 2020, the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) reports.

The largest remittance senders were Russia (39.70 million USD), Italy (37.88 million USD) and the United States (26.65 million USD).

Overall, the vast majority 95.2% of all money transfers came from 21 countries, with the volume of transfers from these countries each exceeding 1 million USD in December 2021. Image: NBG.

In December 2020 the share of these 21 countries constituted 95.7% of the total volume of money transfers,” the NBG says.

In December 2021, 33.3 million USD was transferred abroad, which is 35.1% more as compared to 24.7 million USD in December 2020.


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