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COVID pass application launches in Georgia

The Georgian Ministry of Health has launched a COVID pass smartphone application Georgia e-Health which displays an individual's COVID-19 vaccination records, as well as the latest PCR and antigen test results.

Georgia e-Health is available both on App Store and Google Play. Following the installation, an individual needs to register in the system. Afterwards, one's vaccination, testing, and recovery information will be displayed automatically.

  • COVID passes to come into force in Georgia starting December 1

COVID passes will be required to enter the following establishments:

  • Food facilities (both open and closed spaces)

  • Cinemas

  • Theatres

  • Opera houses

  • Museums

  • Concert halls

  • Entertainment centres

  • Casinos, gambling facilities

  • Spa centres

  • Gyms

  • Hotels

  • Mountain resorts

Individuals who do not use smartphones are able to receive their COVID passes at public service halls.

Georgian COVID certificates will be valid across the European Union, as Georgia was accepted in the EU Digital COVID Certificate system.


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