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Covid Green Pass: what you need to know to verify your status in Georgia

Foreign citizens and individuals with non-resident status in Georgia can now use the health ministry's newly launched application for confirming their Covid-related status during their stay in the country, while the government has also announced venues and establishments the pass will allow access to.

The ministry announced the release of the smartphone application last week, with the software available in both Georgian and English, and reflecting data on Covid vaccination, recovery and testing. The software will act as the Covid Green Pass in the country starting December 1.

Available on both App Store and Google Play, the Georgia e-Health app has been designed to hold information in a format readable to relevant European Union-wide health organisation systems, by the use of QR codes.

Users register for the software using personal information, create a password, and are asked to agree to terms and conditions, before their registration is confirmed and the subsequent main information page displays data on their Covid status.

The application uses QR codes to make information readable by EU-wide health organisations.

The data includes vaccination status with information on vaccine type and data, past Covid tests, and history of confirmed Covid cases for the user over the past six months. The information is collected to display the overall Green Pass status of the user.

Those using the software can also check Covid-related information on their children under the age of 18, in cases where the latter have been registered in Georgia's Combined Electronic Database of Immunisation.

The Georgian government has also made public the information on facilities and establishments accessible to those with the Green Pass - which comes into force in the country starting December 1.

COVID passes will be required to enter food facilities (both open and closed spaces), cinema halls, theatres, concert halls, opera houses, museum venues, entertainment centres, casinos, gambling facilities, spa venues, gym halls, hotels and mountain resorts.

Those without a smartphone can receive their passes at the justice ministry's public service halls, located in cities of Georgia.


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