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Coordination council to specify date for COVID-19 ‘green passport’ activation soon

The coordination council is reviewing the COVID-19 ‘green passport’ package, proposed by the Georgian National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) in late October, and working to specify the date of its activation, Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia announced earlier today.

She noted that so far the ‘green pass’ mechanism has been used in the country only in several cases such as large conferences and sporting events, emphasising that it should ‘be used wider.’

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The Green Pass mechanism is accompanied by a number of ethical aspects which are already being worked on and will be ready in the near future,” Gabunia said.

COVID-19 ‘green passports’ will contain information on the vaccination status of an individual, PCR test results, and confirmation of recovery from COVID-19, if such exists.

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Gabunia also stated that ‘green passports’ will be used for ‘epidemiologically risky events’ particularly in restaurants and hotels, noting however that such documents might not be required for grocery stores or pharmacies.

Now the key is to be epidemically safe while taking part in risky events - it is a choice of vaccination and a matter of testing,” Gabunia noted.
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Overall 944,520 people are fully vaccinated in Georgia amounting to 33.1% of the country’s population; while only 3,868 individuals received a COVID-19 vaccine dose yesterday.

Georgia registered 6,024 new cases of coronavirus and 49 deaths in the last 24 hours with the positivity rate up to 9.13% in the past 14 days.


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