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British company to launch simplified app for Georgian customers for "fast and easy" money transfers

Revolut, a British financial technology company offering banking services, plans to launch a simplified version of the Revolut app for Georgian customers next year to enable money transfers to more than 50 countries using over 30 currencies, the company announced on Thursday.

Andrius Biceika, a Revolut partner, said the company was “happy to give access” for Georgian customers to its “fast, secure and easy money transfers”.

Traditional transfers can put off customers because of their huge hidden fees, but we waive all of our transfer fees if both parties use Revolut, regardless of location. In addition, we always offer the best exchange rate, which we are very proud of", Biceika said.

The company added the application would be "ideal" for the Georgian diaspora across the world, with major remittances annually sent by them back to the home country.

Users of Revolut's simplified application in Georgia will be able to transfer money to either another Revolut account or a Visa or Mastercard account across the world.


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