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Black Sea city of Kobuleti unveils new coastline boulevard

A new coastline boulevard was unveiled on Sunday in Georgia’s Black Sea city of Kobuleti, replacing the old infrastructure and offering visitors of different ages attractions for the seaside location.

Infrastructure Minister Irakli Karseladze said recreational and commercial zones had been set up in the area in addition to amusement locations for children, sand volleyball and football pitches, and a pedestrian bridge connecting the new boulevard with the former.

He also added the old boulevard had become “completely unusable” for locals and holidaygoers before the rehabilitation works were launched, and noted the renovated location had been equipped with modern standards.

The unveiling comes through the Renewed Regions programme initiated by Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, the local Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara said.

Rehabilitation works on the kilometre-long coastline from Achkva to Kintrishi rivers were launched last summer, with additions including a 2.5-metre-wide bicycle lane and a four-metre-wide pedestrian path, as well as a dividing wall between the rivers. Over ₾8 million (about $2mln) was allocated for the project.

The 2021-launched Renewed Regions programme includes urban renewal works underway in 63 municipalities of Georgia, with some already completed. The works in the first phase of the programme have been estimated at ₾500 million (about $175mln), with the second phase currently having a budget of up to ₾300 million (about $105mln).


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