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89% of Georgian households have access to internet, says National Statistics Office

Eighty-nine percent of households in Georgia have internet access, an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared to 2022 figures, the Survey on Information and Communication Technologies Usage in Households, published on Friday by the National Statistics Office of Georgia, has shown.

The survey results show the share of households with internet access increased by 0.3 percentage points and amounted to 93.1 percent for urban locations, while it increased by 1.0 percentage point and amounted to 83.4 for rural areas.

The Office also said 82.7 percent of the population aged six and above had used the internet within the last three months.

A breakdown of main purposes for using the internet among those aged 15 and older over the last three months showed the following uses:

  • Social network use (95.6%)

  • Voice/video calls (94.3%)

  • Seeking healthcare-related information (50.5%)

  • Reading online news/newspapers/magazines (49.1%)

  • Internet banking (47.1%)

  • Finding information about goods and services (45.2%)

  • Sending/receiving e-mails (41.6%)

  • Downloading software or applications (other than videogames) (16.1%)

  • Looking for a job or submitting job applications (13.3%)

A majority of internet users aged 15 and older who have used the internet within the last three months - or 99.1 percent of users - have used a mobile device (mobile phones, laptops or tablets) to connect to wireless networks.

The survey also showed 57.7 percent of households to have a computer, while 89.8 percent of the population aged six and above owns a mobile phone.


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