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300 citizens of Ukraine were covered by the private sector in Adjara, and 110 - by the state

Citizens of Ukraine who were on a tourist visit to Georgia but can no longer return to their homeland due to the Russia-Ukraine war will be sheltered by Georgia. Georgia is also ready to receive Ukrainian IDPs who call the hotlines every day.

According to the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara, 410 Ukrainian citizens are currently in Adjara. 110 of them entered the country for tourism purposes, and about 300 people are refugees from Ukraine.

According to the head of the Adjara Tourism Department, Tinatin Zoidze, two hotlines have been created. One of them covers the whole of Georgia, the other - was created separately in the Adjara region and operates 24 hours a day.

"It is also coordinated with Ukrainian citizens through tourist information centers.

"A state program has been developed for the citizens of Ukraine who visited Georgia from February 1 to February 23 and Georgia provides them with hotel services and food, examines their medical needs and together with the City Hall and health agencies these needs will be identified, registered and addressed," said Tinatin Zoidze. .

As for the refugees, according to Tinatin Zoidze, about 300 calls were received to the Adjara hotline after the war.

"At this stage, the refugees are satisfied with the involvement of the private sector. "Both family-type homes and volunteers are willing to help them, and therefore, they are being placed in this sector."


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