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2021 Q3: Georgia’s external debt up $130.9 mln

Georgia’s gross external debt is up 130.9 million USD quarter-on-quarter, amounting to 21.0 billion USD as of September 30, 2021, the National bank of Georgia (NBG) says.

Gross external debt is currently equal to 120% of annual GDP.

In the public sector external debt amounted to 10.4 billion USD which is 59.6% of GDP.

Public sector debt was divided as follows:

  • Government debt - 7.7 billion USD (44.1% of GDP)

  • External liabilities of the NBG - 965.7 million USD (5.5% of GDP)

  • Bonds of public enterprises - 542.1 million USD (3.1% of GDP)

  • Loans of public enterprises - 1.2 billion USD (6.9% of GDP)

The banking sector’s external debt amounted to 4.3 billion USD which is 24.7% of GDP.

Meanwhile, intercompany lending equalled 3.2 billion USD.

92.2% of the gross external debt of Georgia was denominated in foreign currency.

  • Net int’l investment position of Georgia equals negative $25.6 bln

The net external debt of Georgia amounted to 12.9 billion USD which is 73.8% of GDP as of September 30, 2021.

Net public sector external debt totalled 6.3 billion USD or 36.1% of GDP.


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